Smart Combo

Auto combo, repeat or .

Passing Link

Normals chained into each other once (excluding and some s).

Clash Assault

for overhead attack, no partner = less damage. Follow up hit with for more damage and skill guage (timed).


Duo Change / Active Change

to call partner, different attacks with , , . 50% Cross Guage for active partner skill, once per combo.

Reversal Action

+ invincible reversal attack (character will glow).

Throw / Escape Throw

+ to throw, or the same to escape right after being thrown.

Reject Guard

+ while blocking to push opponent away for 1 Skill Guage.

Cross Combo

+ during partner skill to keep them in. Hold to stop partner. Costs 50%+ Cross Guage and drains it.

Cross Burst

+ while being hit to break combo and tag partner, requires full cross guage.

Resonance Blaze

while down to one character to power up for 15 seconds.

Astral Heat

+ with 9 Skill Guages and L4 Resonance Blaze.